Imagine your world if you were fearless.

Remember all the things that you wanted to do and you never did try, simply because you were afraid. Afraid of falling, afraid that you were not good enough, afraid that you might embarrass yourself.

We want you to take on your world and be fearless, to be brave enough to face the challenges of your life. Just like how you crushed your CrossFit workout of the day (WOD) despite the fear of not being able to. Life and WODs are pretty much the same. They are full of challenges and come with surprises.

Our founders are avid crossfitters who embrace a life of fearlessness, facing each and every challenge along the way. Through the challenges, they realise that there’s a missing element in their CrossFit regime – a pair of socks that can truly support their rigorous footwork and provide total stability to challenging body motions.

Like an answer to prayers, a collection of kick-ass performance socks is born through a culmination of fun and colours with form and function.

This births the core value of “Aesthetically Functional” which serves as the founders’ internal manifesto in upholding the quality standards of each product that is under development to the hands of customers. 

These socks will be the perfect CrossFit accessories to accompany you while you complete your WODs. As there isn’t a better time to be brave and let ideas come to life, Crossfeet is a brand that was born to inspire people to be fit, healthy and to live their life fearlessly.


We spent one full year visiting more than a dozen factories around the world, and another year in research and development. Through our sampling process and many prototype iterations, we have finally achieved the sock that we dreamed of. 

We poured our hearts & souls into making the dream socks! Every features are well-thought of, designed with crossfit WODs in mind. So no, not all socks are created equal. This is not just another pair of funky socks, they are functional yet fun! Who says we can’t have both? 

The product design of a Crossfeet sock involves a dual-process called Form|Function.  Form represents the look and aesthetics while Function represents areas of functionality such as protection, comfort, stability, and fit. 

We invest a lot of time and resources into product tests. This is crucial to ensure that each sock has all the great features that we envisioned, as well as the signature “ShinGUARD” layer, which offers twice the protection for the shins compared to the conventional sport sock.

As huge fans of Crossfit and HIIT workouts, our founders train 6 days a week! It’s through such love for the sport that all of Crossfeet’s socks are directly influenced by the Crossfit sub-culture. Add a dash of our founders’ interest for online memes and a pinch of passion for traveling, each sock is designed to appeal to the new generation of fitness freaks!

And our sock design is patented. We protect it dearly and treat any intellectual property infringement very seriously. 

Shin Protection

Signature ShinGUARD layer protects shins from abrasions and impact from weightlifting or rope-climbing

Compression Support

Compression arch support promotes better blood flow and circulation

Moisture-Wicking Technology

Keeps feet dry and cool  

Stretchable Cuff

Fits snuggly to make sure no slips while working out

Strategically placed heel & toe cushioning 

For maximum protection and comfort 

Flex panels

Allows for superior movement

Ankle Support 

For injury prevention


Allows Solid grip

Anatomically L/R Shaped

For proper balance and comfort  

Our socks are manufactured using only premium quality yarns. We ensure every pair of socks are made by the best fabric composition ratio for your feet. Our patented knitting techniques are rigorously engineered to create the ultimate training socks.

Don’t take our words for it, try it for yourself.

Many athletes have already joined in, what are you waiting for? You snooze, you lose! 


” A goal without a plan is just a wish “


” Be a doer not a talker “


” Success is the best revenge ”