Athlete Story – Inga Egeberg Bergkastet

Crossfit transforms the mind and the body in a way only a true crossfitter would know. Such is true for one of our youngest athletes Inga.

As a child, Inga was always tremendously active and athletic, she started swimming before she could even walk! Her fearlessness and competitive nature made her surround herself with kids older to her, and she even developed a liking for boxing. She felt powerful and unstoppable at the age of 12. Unfortunately the positivity lasted only until Grade 10 when Inga felt a major change in her emotional state. Suddenly, the bubbly Inga did not remember the last time she had fun, she suffered with insomnia, lethargy, and bad panic attacks. Her condition worsened to an extent where she was even rushed to the emergency psychiatric.

Unlike a bruise, mental health is a process that takes time. She was taken out of school and even quit boxing because of the mental and physical fatigue. After 6-7 months of trying to get out of this puddle, she one day stumbled upon Crossfit. Her will to try something new (Crossfit) was a blessing in disguise.

Crossfit is a one shot wonder when it comes to being hooked. We have come across many athletes that fall in love with the sport since Day 1. Likewise for Inga, after her first session at CrossFit Gamlebyen she found something that made her feel strong and confident again. She found a community who believed in her when she didn’t even believe in herself. That is the beauty of Crossfit! The strength that the community builds together is like no other.

Inga is especially thankful for her coaches Dan Lindoff Duprez and Josephine who took her under their wing and built her back up. Inga believes it’s the struggles that make you stronger. And we couldn’t agree more!

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