Why do you need a pair of Crossfeet socks?

To answer this simply, we need to ask YOU a question. Are you a serious athlete? If yes, then you’ll need a pair of Crossfeet socks. Period.

It’s time to revolutionize the industry with socks that are “Aesthetically Functional”.

We need to make the battle scars a thing in the past. Those scars on the shin may ‘look cool’, but it will be cooler to wear Crossfeet socks and avoid those scars in the first place.

shin guard layerAll our socks have the signature ShinGUARD layer to protect the shins from abrasions and impact. The extra layers on the socks strategically placed on the front part of the leg helps to reduce direct friction between your barbell/rope and your shins. Thus decreasing the likelihood of your shins bleeding during deadlifts or rope climbs. 

compression socks Another key feature is the compression function built-in throughout the socks. This feature increases blood flow by applying gentle pressure to your legs and ankles. Having a better blood flow means you have the ability to do both – recover in between workouts, and gain more power during them. Compression socks are known to reduce pain and swelling in the ankles and legs. Hence, helping with faster and better recovery which in return leads to a better performance.

Ankle support for injury preventionTogether with our scientifically structured Y-Heel and Ankle Support, the socks also have the capability to prevent ankle related injury, and provide a solid grip.

Importantly, we know how much you the hard-working athletes love to train. Most of us have at least one session per day for roughly an hour. Whereas for serious athletes, one session probably lasts 2-3 hours. To top that, both aspiring and current elite athletes, train at least 2-3 times per day. Point being, we sweat A LOT. And the sweaty feeling in our shoes is definitely not a good one. moisture wicking technologyWhich is why we only use yarns that have the moisture-wicking technology to keep feet dry and cool. It not only helps the feet feel fresh after a nasty WOD, but also avoids bad odor caused by sweating!

During intense training sessions, every second is important. Nobody wants to waste their precious time by pulling up their socks during WODs. We realize how crucial those few seconds can be for athletes in the competition field. stretchable cuffThis is where our elastic welt cuff top comes to the rescue. The cuffs are 100% slip-proof and designed for a snug fit that makes all the jumping, running, lifting in a WOD go smoothly.

Our socks also comes with arch support – a feature that improves foot arch fatigue and keeps the sock in place. To ensure the socks stay put and comfortable all day, we added the right amount of cross stretch in the area. flex panelAnd to facilitate superior movement, on the face of the feet, we have placed the flex panel. This panel promotes breathability, allows free movement and yet remain in-place. No stuffy feeling at all!

With all the features mentioned so far, this next feature is added to save your bucks! As fellow fitness junkies like you, our founders are aware of the damage those thin fashion socks undergo during brutal WODs. heel and toe cushioning So came the need to add a strategically placed heel & toe cushioning. We apply added pressure specifically on our heels and toes during various movements like deadlifts, double-unders, and Olympic weightlifting movements like Snatch or Clean & Jerk. This cushioning will provide ultimate comfort and maximum protection during those movements, along with dramatically increasing the durability and life of the socks. It’s a total bang for buck!  

left and right alignedLastly, all Crossfeet socks are anatomically L/R shaped and contoured for proper balance, comfort, and fit. It is an added step in production to differentiate between the left and right, but a crucial one we had to include because the left and right foot are clearly not the same, so why should your socks be? 

With all above mentioned benefits of having a pair of crossfeet socks, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on (feet on) the socks today and step up your WOD game.

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