Athlete Story – Kristian Mjöberg

“Crossfit saved my life”, said Kristian. Wonder how?

Kristian has always been athletic, he grew up playing football and practicing in-line skating very seriously. But something changed when he turned 18. He started drinking and stopped playing football. He did however continue with in-line skating, and even travelled to compete. However, with his drinking problem getting out of hand, some days he passed out and woke up not remembering a thing. It was not his finest hour.

Kristian was an alcoholic for a very long time – approximately 12 years of his life. To bounce back from this, he was making a lot of efforts by trying different sports, taking step class, dance class etc. He even tried AA meetings and had friends and family who were constantly helping him. But nothing really drove him out of the addiction until he found Crossfit. He did a trial class and he instantly loved it, it was a moment of revelation! Although he was puking a lot after the first class, he compared that ecstatic feeling to a successful execution of a difficult in-line skating trick but with added excitement. To him it was like “getting drunk/tipsy without the hangover next day”.

Crossfit brought added advantages and Kristian soon realized that it was the best sport for him. He not only got fitter and healthier, his panic attacks also stopped while training. Kristian has been a devoted Crossfitter for 9 years now and has been sober since!

He trains at Crossfit Solid , where he finds his inner peace and calmness, a box he considers his home. He says there’s no other way to put it but, Crossfit Solid is solid. He is now a Crossfit kids coach at Solid and enjoys every second of it!

Kristian’s courage and determination to overcome adversity in life, and staying sober is nothing less than admirable. It’s freaking inspirational! Keep up the great work. We couldn’t be more proud of you!

Kristian loves Crossfeet socks because the sock is super comfortable and designs are to his liking, especially those colourful ones. He says he is no longer able to wear other socks, except Crossfeet. A hard-core Crossfeeter, we must say.

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