Athlete Story – Wunger Family

The Wunger family is like no other. Everyone in the family is super athletic and does Crossfit. We bet they talk nothing but Crossfit at the dinner table!

Wungers’ family first discovered Crossfit a few years back when they were in Stockholm watching a Crossfit competition. Inspired by the athletes who were performing made Susanne and Ella start Crossfit right away. Expectedly, they got hooked to the sport from the very beginning. According to Susanne, everyone in the family is quite competitive so it’s natural that they fell in love with Crossfit. Plus, the varieties of movements in Crossfit means they can constantly work on something and never get bored. This is just way too fun for them! Jocke the dad, Cornelia the younger sister and Tim, the big brother joined in for the “fun” too. Everyone in the family was entertained because thanks to their super competitive genes they all wanted to beat one another at a workout. Redoing a workout to get a better score is a casual affair at the Wungers.

Like every family, they have had their struggles and a fair share of misfortunes. Around spring 2019, Ella unknowingly suffered from myocarditis during a competition. Whilst Jocke and Susanne were busy taking care of Ella on her road of recovery, one fine day of summer, Tim passed out at the box after a WOD with the family. It later turned out that Tim had a stroke which required 24h attention and care. To rub salt in the wound, their house was hit by a lightning that exact summer and burned down a part of the house. Wungers said it was an incredibly hard summer for them to deal with everything at once but looking back, they are glad that whatever happened, happened. It is because of the bumpy roads they had that summer, they developed an even stronger mindset. They’ve come out stronger than ever by fostering the mentality of refusing to give up and believe every day is going to be better than yesterday. When you’re in doubt and almost lose hope in whatever you’re doing, remember the Wunger’s story and practice their mantra #StarkSomEnWunger.

Together, we’re always stronger 💙

Wunger Family Members – Cornelia Wunger , Tim Wunger , Susanne Wunger , Jocke Wunger , Ella Wunger

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