Athlete Story – Tomas Tobé

Meet the fittest member of the European Parliament (EP), Tomas!

Tomas Tobé is a politician and was elected to the EP in 2019. He’s representing the Swedish centre-right party, the Moderates. Not only is Tomas a well accomplished politician, he is also an avid Crossfitter. We first met Tomas where he usually trains, at one of the most famous Crossfit box in Scandinavia Crossfit Nordic.

One would wonder how Tomas got the time to train and fall in love with Crossfit with his super packed schedule. When asked, Tomas mentioned he first tried out Crossfit via a friend’s recommendation. Since the trial session, Tomas just got hooked to Crossfit. He was amazed by the atmosphere and energy during the class and in the box.

For Tomas, Crossfit Nordic is his second home, he’s there 6 days a week if he is not in Brussels and training at another box. He trains usually during his lunch break – the only time that he could train. (Talk about motivation!) He’s super proud of his lunch crew and loves them dearly.

Before the pandemic, Tomas was travelling back and forth between Brussels and Stockholm quite frequently because of his work. He is at the EU parliament for meetings and debates about issues ranging from immigration to humanitarian aid. Now, he doesn’t travel all the time due to border restrictions, so he has done a lot of his meetings from Crossfit Nordic after his lunch session. His colleagues are always surprised to see a bunch of people lifting weights from the back of his con-call screen ☺️

Tomas thinks Crossfit is essential to his health, both mentally and physically. He said by doing Crossfit daily, it gives him the energy he needs to get through his busy day. Crossfit is a great way to sweat and have fun while working out with your friends. He always feels very inspired by the athletes here, no matter what level they are. What’s even better is that he has made some life-long friendships here at the box – that’s truly invaluable.

Tomas says he loves Crossfeet socks because they look great and are very nice to train in. His favourites are the Retro collection, as these socks remind him of the 80’s!

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