Athlete Story – Christian Andersson

Christian is certainly one of the OG Crossfitter in Sweden. He discovered CrossFit in 2008 and has since been a CrossFit geek.

Christian found Crossfit via Marcus, his current business partner and co-owner of CrossFit Göta. Christian met Marcus, who at the time was a PT at the gym where he trained. They quickly became good friends and started training together almost every day. After a year of this duo, in the summer of 2011, the thought of having their own box start to crawl in. Their dream of opening their own box began to intensify after watching one of the CrossFit competitions in Stockholm. They were so amazed and pumped by not only the performances of the incredible athletes, but the eclectic atmosphere surrounding the competition. What a crazy energy, they thought! They quickly started working on turning this dream into reality and the doors of Crossfit Gota was officially opened on 28 April 2012.

[Do you know that Crossfit Gota is the first and oldest box in Gothenburg? How cool is that?!]

Crossfit Gota is still going very strong despite the COVID19 pandemic. Christian is very happy to see memberships growing and he feels fortunate to at least keep his box open for the members during this difficult period of time. He said, keeping the box’s door open is the main goal for him, as he knows how much the members need the box for a good workout session. It helps the members improve both their physical and mental health. For 2021, he hopes the pandemic situation will be improved so there could be some in-person events. He’s very much looking forward to some Throwdowns and BBQ with beers after. Ahhh the old good times…

Christian says he loves Crossfeet socks because they fit like a glove on his feet and it breathes very well. His favorite pair is the Retro – Mellow Skater and The Wanderlust – Tropical.

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